Film Woes

It's a sad sad day today. I am so disappointed... like never before. Here's the story...So I've mentioned many times before my fascination with film. I finally got a chance to use my roll of Fuji 400H and with the roll in hand I went over to Walgreens to get it developed. I was so excited yet so worried at the same time. I was positive they'd do a good job and I'd have some beautiful images to show off on my blog. That's not how it turned out...they murdered my roll of film. It was chewed up, wrinkled, scratched, bent...anyways it was in a horrendous shape. Being a photographer I treat each image like a precious piece of artwork and just imagine how I must have felt. My beautiful, wonderful images were almost all ruined. Here's one for you that I've managed to restore with some heavy photoshop. Although it's such a sad event I'm more determined than ever to pursue my love of film and to explore all of its' wonders. I adore this image btw, the colors are so lovely. You can now follow my blog with Bloglovin.